Business Intelligence

Acosta’s industry-leading Business Intelligence (BI) division is the nerve center and catalyst behind the company’s data-driven strategies and optimization efforts. Staffed with multidisciplined experts, our BI teams work one-on-one with consumer goods manufacturers and retailers to generate insights that make a measurable difference.


Retail Analytics

Acosta taps into a wealth of data resources as well as Acosta Group’s shopper community to glean localized insights specific to consumer audiences, brand category, retail vertical and more. Through additional research, advanced predictive modeling and in-depth analysis, we clearly identify sales, distribution and share-growth opportunities for clients.

Strategic Planning

Incorporating data-driven insights into thoughtfully designed phases of execution, Acosta’s strategic advisors collaborate with clients to proactively drive national priorities as well as manage local execution — aligning client and retailer strategies to maximize outcomes.  


Leveraging innovative technologies, Acosta analyzes ongoing activities to identify paths to improving category or space management, reducing out-of-stocks, ensuring ideal placement and optimizing every inch of in-store space. 

Equally important, clients gain visibility into the value of Acosta’s data-driven efforts through a web-based dashboard. Fully automated with point-and-click capabilities, the dashboard includes valuable insights such as sales decomposition, account rankings, product velocity and distribution analysis.


Revenue Growth Management

Enhance profitability, improve market competitiveness and achieve sustainable revenue growth. Our RGM experts integrate data-driven insight and market analytics to enable informed tactics to profitably grow sales. 

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Space and Category Management

Our automation solutions alleviate the need for expensive software and in-house expertise, increase accuracy and improve efficiency to help clients save.

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Headquarter Sales

Acosta enjoys long-standing relationships with virtually every leading brand and retailer. Our national platform also provides superior coverage for smaller regional, multiregional and quasi-national players. Acosta’s many connections, along with the size of our client portfolio, creates a greater presence in stores across the nation and, ultimately, more influence when introducing new products to the market, securing strategic shelf space and optimizing promotional activities. Acosta’s Headquarter Sales division features retailer-aligned teams that develop and execute customized business plans for clients. 

Offerings include:

Joint Business Planning

Omnichannel Strategy

Trade Fund Management

Back Office Solutions

Business Intelligence

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Retail Services

Acosta’s retail teams bring our clients’ sales plans to life in-store each and every day. We’re focused on maximizing ROI by ensuring we visit the right store at the right time. Our rich retail experience enables us to collaborate with our clients to design customized retail solutions that meet the unique needs of their business.

Our retail associates are in stores every day averaging 200,000 outlet visits every month. Each in-store associate is armed with advanced mobile technology that uses daily point-of-sale data to track, analyze and optimize in-store activities, establishing automation for a variety of complex processes while capturing critical information to drive faster, more effective results. Whether increasing speed-to-shelf of new products, gaining greater distribution of current products, or ensuring correct out-of-stocks and voids, Acosta’s in-store team makes an impact. 

Flexible retail programs:

Continuity Services

Acosta ensures clients’ products have maximum visibility by optimizing sales displays, assisting with product rotation and placement, introducing new items, and ensuring accurate voids and out-of-stock corrections. 

Resets and Mandated Work

Acosta’s in-store experience and understanding of planogram compliance ensures that every reset is accomplished to the retailer’s specification and time frame.   


Acosta offers a dedicated team to support clients’ special projects such as situational audits, product cut-ins, POP placement and resets. The company’s retail relationships and knowledge help to speed project work while ensuring there is no disruption to regular in-store activities. 

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Dynamic Retail

Dynamic Retail

Acosta’s Dynamic Retail Model uses big data analytics, field technology applications and experienced sales teams to drive sales and superior ROI for our clients. By using yesterday’s POS data, we can identify new opportunities to maximize sales lift and quantify every action we make in the store.

Back Office Solutions

Back office operations often involve complex processes, require expensive tools and put strain on internal resources. Acosta’s centrally-managed administrative organization leverages scale, expertise, proven processes and powerful technology to reduce cost, minimize deductions and enable faster funds reconciliation. As an extension of your team, we provide end-to-end solutions allowing sales teams to focus on selling.   

Acosta’s business process solutions services include:

Order Management

Claims Management

Client Solutions Management

Trade Promotion Management

Sales Administration

Order-to-Cash Services

EDI Services

Direct Administrative Support 

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