Why Acosta?

Only Acosta combines critical expertise, technological innovation and extensive reach for seamless solutions with superior results.

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Critical Expertise

Acosta has the talent and technology to construct data-driven strategies; the reach and relationships to execute against those strategies; and the tools to monitor, track and optimize metric-based results for clients and retailers.

Diverse Talent

Diverse Talent

Our Canadian Team is made up of more than experienced associates, many of them having worked at prominent consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, leading retailers or marketing agencies. Sharing perspectives across channels and backgrounds, Acosta’s nimble workforce takes a proactive approach to collaborating with clients, driving swift action to grow sales and market share when opportunities arise

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Innovative Technology

Acosta’s ability to connect real-time data into its comprehensive sales and marketing platform delivers insight that matters to clients. Our retail merchandising employees leverage advanced mobile technology that uses daily point-of-sale data to track, analyze and optimize in-store activities, establishing automation for a variety of complex processes while capturing information to drive faster, more effective decision-making.

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Extensive Reach

Within every sales channel and virtually every retail environment, Acosta leverages its near century of experience, growing international presence and dominance in an array of categories to influence more sales for more clients than any other company.

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Trusted Relationships

Many of our relationships originated over 20 years ago and continue to thrive today due to the exceptional value and client service we provide. In addition to having long-standing relationships with high-profile brands such as Campbell’s®, Clorox®, Kellogg’s®, and Microsoft®, we also enjoy partnerships with almost every leading retailer and wholesaler, including Loblaw, Walmart, Costco, Metro, Sobeys and Save On Foods.

Maximum ROI

Maximum ROI

Acosta is an investment for its clients, not an expense. As such, we are committed to delivering measurable returns for clients and retailers. In addition to higher sales, improved efficiencies and lower costs, Acosta delivers an average brand share of 3.7 percent to full-service clients, more than 2 percent higher than brands managed by other brokers or in-house teams.



On average, brands we work with have experienced +19% growth from January 2015 to present.


Increased performance

Brands we work with have outperformed brands not working with us by 900 BPS.



The brands we partner with are outperforming S&P substantially.


Industry Trends

Change is in the air. You can see it, sense it, but can you manage it? Acosta has discovered four mega trends driving change in the industry today including demographic shifts, channel blur, health and wellness and a digital revolution. Watch how these shifts drive industry change.